Rolls-Royce owner: New Rolls-Royce Ghost contradicts other car design trends

The Spirit of Ecstasy on the New Ghost (Image courtesy of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars).

British super-luxury car brand, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, recently released the New Rolls-Royce Ghost. To create the latest generation of the most successful car from the marquee, Rolls-Royce has been in dialogue with many customers worldwide for the past five years. The study is to find out what Rolls-Royce lovers like and want.

Stanley Setia Atmadja and his classic cars collection (Image courtesy of Yessar Rosendar)

The result of this research is the philosophy of “Post Opulence” that was used to develop the New Ghost. Rolls-Royce owners wanted a more minimalist car, so the vehicle’s design had to be reduced, smart, and discreet.

This approach was used to avoid becoming a mediocre luxury or a superficial product, such as using large branding or, in the context of a vehicle, using intricate stitches to create an illusion of luxury.

A minimalism approach was used to design the New Ghost (Image courtesy of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars).

It seems that the approach taken by Rolls-Royce in developing New Ghost is in the right direction and making it a unique proposition on the market, according to what Stanley Setia Atmadja, chairman of the Rolls-Royce Owners Club Indonesia.

“I think the exterior design concept contradicts other car design trends,” said Stanley.

For Stanley, most new cars have large grills, unlike the New Ghost, which takes a minimalist approach. He sees this smaller grille, and the change in Spirit of Ecstasy’s position has given it a more elegant impression. There are also many little details that Stanley likes, such as the absence of separate signal light and square headlights.

The interior of the New Ghost (Image courtesy of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars).

As for the car interior, Stanley also sees the minimalist concept as a consistent reference. This interior becomes more attractive with a lower and simpler dashboard design, especially when a star crosses the starlight headliner.

The rest, Stanley believes that the New Ghost, which was redesigned from scratch, has an overall better package including superior chassis design and handling. The more powerful engine will also complement the New Ghost’s perfection compared to other super-luxury cars.

Stanley already got a vision on how to spec and customize the New Ghost. He will use single-tone paint for the exterior due to the New Ghost’s minimalist concept. While many Rolls-Royce consumers usually choose black paint, Stanley still chooses dark colors but with dark blue metallic shades.

“With this paint, the car will look black at night, and during the day, it will look dark blue metallic,” said Stanley.

In contrast to the exterior colors, Stanley will use plain white for the interior, adorned with blue stripes and completed with a dark blue carpet.

“I don’t want a lot of stitching around the seats; it might be prettier to use lines rather than stitches,” Stanley added.

The Indonesian version of the article can be read here.

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