BMW Indonesia launches The New 6 Gran Turismo M Sport.

BMW Indonesia recently launched a car through an atypical way, it was the first-ever virtual car launch that was broadcasted live through BMW Indonesia’s YouTube channel. The car that was launched, was also unique and niche as it is the BMW 630i Gran Turismo M Sport.

The car is the successor of the BMW 535i Gran Turismo and a sportier variant compared to the BMW 630i Gran Turismo Luxury that was launched in 2018. It is a crossover that fuses the long-haul comfort of a sedan with the flexibility of an SUV, plus it is spiced up with an elegantly designed coupé line.

Dihadirkan secara perdana pada BMW Exhibition, BMW 630i Gran Turismo M Sport ditawarkan dengan harga Rp. 1,599.000.000 (off-the-road) (Foto: BMW Indonesia)

The M Sport variant is more focused on a sportier look thanks to various upgrades. To live up its name, the car can sprint to 100/h from a halt in 6.3 seconds and weighs 150 kg less than its predecessor. The newest engine from BMW Group is also combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission that transfers the power to the rear wheels.

Enhanced with the newest BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, Double-VANOS variable camshaft control, and Valvetronic fully variable valve timing. The 2,000 cc 4-cylinder gasoline engine is capable of unleashing a peak power of 258 horsepower and maximum torque of 400 Nm. The car is also claimed to be able to record fuel efficiency of 12.8 km/l and 142 g/km of emission.

The front of the interior is driver-focused, although with a higher driving position that made it easier to look outside the car. Equipped with the latest BMW Operating System 7.0, a control display that currently offers the best flexibility and usability for car functions, navigation, and infotainment.

Meanwhile, the rear cabin features three-row of full-size seats that offer ample legroom, complemented with rear-seat entertainment through its two independents 10.2-inch screens that can be used for displaying information or entertainment.

The BMW 630i Gran Turismo M Sport is priced at Rp. 1,599.000.000 (off-the-road) and is available starting from 13th March 2020.

The Indonesian version of this article can be found here.

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