BMW Group Indonesia sales increased by 11% to 3,675 units in 2019

Ramesh Divyanathan, President Director BMW Group Indonesia (middle) (Photo: BMW Group Indonesia)

BMW Group Indonesia recorded 11% sales growth to 3,675 units in 2019, compared to 3,394 units the previous year. The figure consists of 2,943 units of BMW and 732 units for MINI, it also includes the sale of BMW Certified Used Car dan MINI Certified Used Car.

The double-digit growth is a positive rebound after the German brand recorded flat growth in 2018, with 1.2% growth from 3,353 units in 2017.

“BMW Group Indonesia recorded continued growth in 2019. This means that BMW Indonesia has chosen the right strategy to fulfill the needs of its customers despite various challenges. This includes the decreasing volume of the automotive industry in general, changes in regulations, and uncertainties caused by the election,” Ramesh Divyanathan, President Director BMW Group Indonesia said in a press release.

New car sales from BMW increased by 6& in 2019 to 2,500 units compared to 2,360 units the previous year. The strong demand for various SUV models contributed to the growth of the sales volume.

BMW X3 sDrive20i (Photo: BMW Group Indonesia)

The New BMW X3 recorded the highest growth among the line up with 119% increase to 265 units, followed closely by the New BMW X5 that recorded 114% growth to 327 units.

Three of the most popular models from BMW in 2019 is the BMW X1 that contributed 26% of the total sales, followed by BMW 3 Series (24%) and BMW 5 Series (17%).

BMW i3s at GIIAS 2019 (Photo: BMW Group Indonesia)

From the BMW I sub-brand, the BMW i3 contributed another milestone for the brand in 2019. As it is the first electric model to be sold officially by the brand in Indonesia when it was launched at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show 2019.

“BMW Indonesia is the only brand that consistently and effectively communicates about electric vehicles since 2014 and will continue to be the pioneer in this field. There are various records in the media about how the BMW I was introduced in Indonesia and until now BMW is still regarded as the pioneer in the development of electric vehicle technology in Indonesia. Furthermore, BMW is the only premium brand in Indonesia that officially sells an electric vehicle complete with its supporting infrastructure,” Ramesh said.

MINI at GIIAS 2019 (Photo: BMW Group Indonesia)

Meanwhile another brand under the BMW Group, MINI recorded a sales record of 700 units in 2019. It is a 34.6% increase from 520 units in the previous year. The sale of the MINI Countryman sharply rose to 273 units, which is a 46.8% increase from 186 units the year before. The sale of MINI 3-Door also rose significantly to 260 units, an increase of 32% from the 197 units the previous year.

“This year will be challenging but will be also very interesting for BMW and MINI. With various innovative models and strategic plans to acquire new target markets, BMW Group Indonesia is confident in facing this year’s challenges dan achieving strong growth in Indonesia. Indonesia has a large domestic consumption base and increasing middle class, and BMW Group Indonesia confident to be able to continue the growth and fulfill the ever-growing customer needs in Indonesia,” Ramesh concluded.

The Indonesian version of this article can be found here.

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