F1 derived technology makes the Maserati MC20 produce 621 horsepower

Maserati has just introduced the Maserati MC20 to the Indonesian market, the super sports car, which will costs around Rp 9 billion, has 630 horsepower from a V6 engine with a capacity of only 3,000 cc. This car is capable of achieving such an output with a relatively small engine capacity using technology from Formula 1 and turbocharging.

Jason Broome, managing director Maserati Indonesia (Image courtesy of Maserati Indonesia).

“The Maserati MC20 uses a technology from F1 called pre-chamber ignition, a technology currently used by all F1 engines,” said Jason Broome, managing director of Maserati Indonesia at a press conference at the Fairmont hotel Jakarta, September 10, 2020.

Nettuno engine of the Maserati MC20 (Image courtesy of Maserati Indonesia).

According to Jason, this technology uses a chamber that contains a spark plug in it. When a compression stroke starts there is a pre-combustion in the chamber, and when the combustion starts to spread there is a second spark plug that lights up in the main chamber of the engine. Maserati itself named this technology the Maserati Twin Combution (MTC), which uses a twin spark with a passive pre-chamber.

Pre-ignition chamber can be seen above (Image courtesy of Maserati Indonesia).

Quoted from Drivetribe, this technology allows the effective use of spark plugs to completely burn lean gasoline or too little gasoline compared to air by using injectors and spark plugs in the pre-chamber. This chamber is above the main combustion chamber of the engine. The result is greater power using less amount of gasoline.

“The car also has direct and indirect ignition for more complete combustion, lower fuel consumption and emissions,” added Jason.

The result enables the new Nettuno engine with a V6 configuration capable of a burst of power that reaches 621 hp with a peak torque of 730 Nm. With a weight of under 1.5 tonnes of the car and an eight-speed dual clutch transmission, the car able to accelerate from 0-100 km / h in less than 2.9 seconds. The top speed that this car can achieve itself reaches 325 km / h. This machine also marks Maserati’s return to producing its own power train, after more than 20 years.

Maserati MC20 (Image courtesy of Maserati Indonesia).

The Maserati MC20 first delivery will be at the beginning of next year. With an engine with a capacity of 3,000 cc, the Maserati MC20 can also avoid a luxury tax of 125% and make it more affordable.

“With the current regulations, the car will cost around Rp. 9 billion, so this car will be more competitive than other rivals,” said Jason.

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